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Iran and the Deccan

Iran and the Deccan: Persianate Art, Culture, and Talent in Circulation, 1400–1700, has just arrived in the post. I am thrilled to have an essay included in it.

This chapter is the result of more than five years of collaboration with University of St Andrews Library Special Collections Visiting Scholarship Scheme, of which we were recipients in 2016. It was also an opportunity to work with the late Bruce Wannell, an incredible scholar and traveller, who brought his unique joie de vivre, linguistic expertise, and knowledge of Islamic religious practice to the project.

'Indo-Persian Histories from the Object Out: The St Andrews Qur’an Manuscript between Timurid, Safavid, Mughal, and Deccani Worlds,' explores the peregrinations of one manuscript and the material evidence of these migrations as witnessed in its pages and binding. Two blog posts document stages of the study as the manuscript slowly revealed its secrets to us!

We hope that the final essay reveals some of the St Andre…

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